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Hello, my name is Carolina, and I am of the creative flare.

During the day I work at a corporation, and during my free time I equally enjoy my two passions: interior design and restoring old furniture pieces. If you pass by Friday Market, you are likely to find me hunting for that unique piece that will get some of my unconditional love and attention to nurture my home (and my soul).

My love for interiors has always been around, but it fully blossomed when I moved to Kuwait in 2009. Landing in a country were urban design is generally little cared for, greenery is hard to find and has extreme heat and dust, home interiors suddenly grew in importance to become a vital part of my life. A feel-good interior became a MUST to compensate not only those rough exteriors, but also the strenuous long days fulfilling duties, various activities and social life.

Since then I have developed several interior design projects both in Kuwait and Barcelona with a very practical approach where functionality is paired with the latest European interior design trends. I believe that any design for a happy home should first and foremost revolve around who YOU are and how YOU will live in a space, using a specific design step-by-step approach to develop a project.

From single-room redesigns, to full floor plans or end-to-end home renovations, I strive for non-pretentious, laid-back interiors with an eclectic twist, where old meets new, with a preference for natural materials and beautiful organic textures

Tell me, what is a happy interior for you?

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