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”You’ve really turned what I thought would be a very stressful process into a project full of fun and easy to understand and I can’t thank you enough for that. You’ve broadened my horizon of how a space (that I was initially very scared of) can be used to create a lovely home”


Floor plan
Sabah Al Salem

"I just wanted to tell you that every time I see my house I am in awe of how beautifull you made it.

I comment with my husband and family about how beautifull it is almost every day.
I don't know how we were living here before the revamp."

Home revamp

Abu Fteira

"I take my young daughter to Osra Health and as we were leaving she asked to use the washroom. When she walked out she said "That's a really beautiful bathroom!"

Osra customer

When i saw the before and after pictures, i couldnt believe we were living in that very same house! The living room is now bound together and very cozy and the process was very smooth. I dont like shopping or choosing but this project was extremely easy.

Living room
Abu Futeira

What we really liked is that many pieces we already owned stayed in the new design, and others were very affordable, yet perfectly fit for our space. We also loved the vintage piece sourced from Friday Market which is now a conversational piece when anyone visits.

Home revamp
Abu Futeira

"Carolina is awesome at presenting ideas and then bringing the vision to life, everything is done with your goals and budget in mind. We are absolutely in love with our son’s nursery. She is also just so much fun to work with!"


Testimonials: Testimonials
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